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Rosie Beuel 0418339528 2021-03-03
I have recently moved to Safety Beach and I m interested in crewing on the Friday Twilight Pursuits. I used to live and sail in Melbourne, St Kilda, RMYS. First on a Columbia 27 and recently on an ADAMS 10.6. I m happy to help onboard whatever required, not so familiar with the Spinnaker and won't like to climb up the mast...

JOLT BIJKER 0428440366 2021-02-25
I have recently moved to Safety Beach in an apartment on the north side of the entry to the channel into Martha Cove. I Started sailing in 1970 at the age of 5yo in a Pirate, a Dutch dinghy similar to a sabot. I crewed in a Spanker, similar but slightly smaller than a Sharpie from 1972 - 1977 I got my first Laser in 1977 at the age of 12 and raced the lasers in the Netherlands until 1980 when my family migrated to Australia. I raced Lasers at RQYS, Brisbane sailing club and Oxley Sailing club in Brisbane from 1980 until 1985. I raced crewed on a 505 & 16' Hobies and skippered my 16' Mosquito for the next 4 years. I crewed on 30', 40' and 50' over the next 25 years and got myself a laser again in 2014 which I have been sailing infrequently over the last 5 years. I have just joined Mount Martha sailing club to start racing Lasers (full rig) again, however my fitness levels are not as good as they used to be. I have been sponsoring the PIF series since 2017 and have chartered a yacht for the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne regattas, until Covid last year. I am comfortable in any role/position, however my Spinnaker experience lacks and needs some training. I last was member at RQYS in 2014 and was last member at Metung Yacht club 2018 until 2019 and have just joined Mount Martha in the last 2 weeks. I have held a powerboat license since 1985 and have recently purchased a PWC and upgraded my license to suit. I am keen to get out on the bay and particularly to do the Friday evening twilight and Saturday morning keelboat sailing and happy to do whatever necessary or needed, preferably in a 30+ footer.

Marks 0418103548 2021-01-22
I have sailed in various dingys for many years; such as lasers, 125s and sabres. Last year I did a Keelboat training course and have crewed a few times since out of Mornington. Keen to crew in the Twighlight series and or as a regular crew member on Sundays. Happy to do whatever tasks are needed,

Helen Chauhan 0404887478 2021-01-21
I have some crewing experience and have recently completed the keelboat "Start Crewing" course. I am looking for a casual, weekend keelboat crew position and would welcome the opportunity to sail with other women if possible.

Alex 0405447249 2020-12-21
I am looking for any position onboard any boat that requires a deck hand that is need of a crew member that is fast learning and able to adapt to any tasks. I have little sailing experience but i do have 8 years of deck hand experience within the navy on a variety of ships.

Lesley O'Hanlon 0407 888 123 2020-12-06
crew on SV Limelight

Joseph 0411266003 2020-12-03
Only ever sailed Hobbies Not much experience on larger vessels but a quick learner

Brigit Goater 0447512013 2020-11-05
Sailing experience I fell in love with sailing at 11years of age on my father's 23 foot trailer sailor- "Captain Cook". We sailed along the Northwest coast of Tasmania from Ulverstone Penguin, Port Sorrel as a family for a number of years. In the UK between 2000 and 2004 I sailed for two summer seasons from the Sovereign Harbour and Pevensey Bay yacht clubs in East Sussex. On returning to Australia in 2004 I completed the three day offshore RYC Competent Crew course from Rushcutter Bay to Pittwater Sydney. Between 2006 and 2009 I was a member of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and the Derwent Squadron Sailing Club in Hobart Tasmania. I sailed on 3 boats- Mark Ballard's "Fruit" - a Don Jones design 39 footer Peter and Carolyn Williams "Liberte Express" a Beneteau 47.7 footer Don Calvert's "Intrigue" a Castro 39 footer. My position on all three yachts was on the foredeck. Following my move to Melbourne in 2010 I joined the Sandringham yacht club and sailed on a Beneteau 40' called "Firefox" skippered by Kim and Howard and a Beneteau First 40 called "Debonnaire" skippered by Catherine and Phil Gomez. I also held a foredeck position. We sailed in club races on Sundays and competed in ORCV long distance races to Geelong including Festival of sales, Queenscliffe, Cock of the Bay and Hamilton Island Race week. I joined the Saturday racing series with Kate Mitchell on her yacht: a TP52 called "Goldfinger" in 2013. Kate sold the boat in 2015 and I joined Garry Anderson and the crew on "Esprit": a 47.7 Beneteau also in the foredeck position. I have recently moved to Safety Beach and I would like to continue my love of sailing.

Colin Rees 0418395592 2020-02-26
Have raced RL 24 's at Hampton Harbour Sailing Club in Dampier doing forward work. Interested in jib or main work if available.

Michael Wright 0422727641 2020-02-20
I have just retired and moved to Mt. Martha .I have only sailed once but have owned and used a fishing boat for 30 years. I am keen to help and learn all the ropes to sailing and am available at short notice.

Guy Hoevenaars 0417161339 2020-01-22
I’ve done a bit of sailing on hobies and sabots, and crewed a couple of time in bigger keels. Also got my marine licence 2 years ago. I’m looking to do some bareboating in the Whitsundays at the end of 2020 and would like to get some keel boat experience, also may also bring my partner as she would like to be involved as well.

David Blundell 0414668899 2019-12-08
Experienced senior sailor in ocean and bay racing .. looking for committed boat and crew at the pointy end of the fleet .. Friday and Sunday available .. local to club and available for maintenance .. thanks

Des Carroll 0418 511 255 2019-07-15
I live in Safety Beach and am looking to crew casually or on a semi-regular basis on a keelboat at SBSC all year round. I can often be available at short notice. Most of my experience is in OTB and trailerables (monos, cats and tris) and at 70yo I sail a Hobie Tandem Island kayak for pleasure. I weigh 82 kg and keep fit through regular cycling and/or Nordic walking. I am a member of the SBSC Tower Team and have all courses plotted in my GPS and have a VHF hand-held.

Meaghan Stuiver 0439 086 667 2019-07-15
In the process of joining SBSC and will be sailing by Sabre at the club over summer but keen to get out and crew on a Keelboat during winter and on Friday evenings in Summer.

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